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Translation from Indian Regional Languages

India has a very rich literary tradition. Numerous writers wrote poetry and short stories in different Indian regional languages. However, except for a few, most of their writings have not been exposed to readers of other languages due to the language barrier. Hence, Erothanatos is inviting Indian poetry and short stories translated into English from different regional languages of India, along with a research article on the translated pieces. The translated works with articles will be serially published in Erothanatos followed by an anthology in book form with ISBN. This will be a collection of translated works as well as a collection of critiques.

All are invited to join us with the contribution as a translator and researcher.

·        Word Limit (Article): 2500-4000 words

·        Genres: Short Stories & Poems (Modern and Contemporary)

·        Bio Note of the Translator/Scholar and the Writer: Each within 500 words

·        Submission should be sent to

·        Translation from Indian Regional Languages must be the subject line of the submission.

·        For a separate translator, the bio note of the translator must be added.

·        For prior published translation in any recognized form—both electronically and in print version, with or without ISBN or ISSN—the consent letter of the translator should be accompanied by the submission.

The Irreversible

Erothanatos is inviting articles for the serialised section "IRREVERSIBLE." Submissions must highlight some irreversible condition in literary work(s) and theory. This condition may be a result of some conflict or may be a result of some other causes.


No Submission-Deadline

Submission for this section will be automatically received for the next issue.

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