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Animesh Paul






The Dead Man Alive!

"I can't go on. I will go on." 

(The Unnameable).

Open at page no. Sixty four, 

Discover the body folded,

Wrinkled and torn as the man 

Dead for years and years together 

Intoxicates me time and again....

When at midnight

I feel dizzy with the stuff I have,

Dare I touch that body with wet hands. 

And I shiver and shudder

To flash through the time...

A dead and torn up body 

But still alive!

With every bit in set order, 

The blood, the bone marrow

And wonder! the pulse which is me is still 

Alive and awake among the dead. !

About the Poet

Animesh Paul, a young and promising poet from West Bengal, writes prolifically both in Bengali and English. He did his masters from the University of Calcutta. Among several of his published poems, some drew special attention of Shankha Ghosh, the most powerful and dynamic Bengali poet of this time. Apart from writing poetry, Paul has also translated some of Tagore's songs into English maintaining the original Bengali tune.

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