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Anindita Bose






A Tranquil Mind

What will you do with tomorrow and day-after, 

if you have peace tonight? 

What will you do with banks and cards, 

if you have peace tonight? 

What will you do with those people in your life: 

now and those gone by, 

if you have peace tonight? 

What will you do with mirrors and thoughts of 


if you have peace tonight? 

You wonder and look astound… 

Don't you know that this peace has come tonight 

since you have renounced the voice in your mind 

and created this moment of serene ecstasy?

Life = Senses = Zero

Some broken barricades are

left behind and walks away

a greyish shadow of me

you are not far behind...

I transformed into a blind

barren monument of birth

and growth

the creator has no idea of

what was born years back.

You stand in a corner and

struggle to explain in words -

our connection,

I know it all yet move on,

to reach contra-consciousness

in dispassionate gestures.

Life is a zero in moments

when emotions drop in the

six senses

and you still wait for a sign...

I leave behind the shells once

collected from a shore, long

back on a cloudy day

they remain scattered on my

floor for days, waiting for

your warmth and trust.

You never reach out or perhaps

fail to reach out; I break into

thousand pieces and fade away…

Life Within

there is nothing here that you

have felt and I have not experienced

sometimes we are just mirrors

my friend

you stand and I stand, between

us a shade of glass

like opposites and opponents we

inhale our stories

but within our hearts, we know

how much we can show to each other

so let us walk together at times

to see beyond the broken pieces of


we may not understand the individual

dreams but we shall feel the life within

Only a Meet

so when can we meet

since time flies by and

we shall not find another

boat soon enough

can we dream now and

not tomorrow because

shades of life colour the

roads and we still fight

for a rose, a lily or a wild


come let us drive our

souls to break the cages

made by mortal shadows

and reach the mountains,

sail the rivers, delve deep

into the seas…

but you know that time

flies by and knocks us


so when can we meet

and when can we begin?

About the Poet

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Anindita Bose is inspired by the zeal of her city of joy. She has an interest in psychology which she believes has connected her closely to universal ideas and human emotions. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing. “Let’s decode the labyrinth of life” is what she thinks when words form stories in her conscious and subconscious minds. Her poems and short stories got published in various National and International - Online and Offline Magazines and Anthologies. To mention some: The Pangolin Review, The Kolkata Review, Tuck Magazine, Learning and Creativity, Poem Hunter, Ethos Literary Journal (ELJ). Her first book is 'The Virtual Reality' [Sparrow-Delhi, 2016], which she has cowritten with seven other poets from all over India. Her Solo Poetry book is 'I Know the Truth of a Broken Mirror' [Writers Workshop, 2018]. She is a working professional, currently a high school English teacher in Blue Mountains School, Ooty; and when not writing she is actively involved in activities of a poetry group in Kolkata named ‘Rhythm Divine Poets’ of which she is a co-founder. She is a coordinator for the Chair Poetry Evenings, Kolkata 2018 [an international poetry festival first time in India]. She is a freelance editor of Virasat Art Publication and co-edited the short stories book Dynami Zois [Life Force] in 2017. Along with a group of friends she volunteers to support various humanitarian causes in Kolkata. Apart from poetry she is involved in story-telling, translation, painting, photography, script-writing, and travelling.

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