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Archisman Banerjee






Dip To Insanity 

The day when we hunted 

Pondered on the forbidden 

Taking steps to the darker zone 

Remains meant to be hidden 

The day when he was locked 

His cold and impenetrable lunacy 

Slaughtered millions of minds 

Figuring out aesthetic supremacy 

The night when she came 

Dipping the 'you' in darkness 

Hey, are you burned and broken? 

Come heal it up with regress 

While the day and night gets past soon 

Let's stare tonight into the lady moon.


My life all alike 

A subtle euphoria 

After trying to find 

To find the very best 

Harsh reality one day 

Made me blind 

Is when I decided 

To take some rest 

Every year gets shorter 

And lies a thousand misconceptions 


To find that working class hero 

On a piece of ground in home town 

Further I'll travel miles 

Paddle the endless cycle 

Of this enigmatic life 

And then someday 

Closer to death, 

Cold and tired 

The song is over 

The time is gone.

While You Light Shiva up 

It pains here when I try to escape 

Or maybe it bled inside 

Or when I try to swim across 

Is when I get knocked down by tide 

Sitting dead in my room 

Overweighed by thoughts 

All I blabber is sheer bullshit 

All I need is a couple of shots 

Night, deep and dark as always 

Turns darker when you light the bob 

Deepest fears are hunted at night 

The world all along seems to sob 

Walking through this endless path 

Or monotonous according to you 

Rather I find it witty 

Cause you never can see it through 

While Shiva hits through his holly 

Chillum While the world fucks us hard 

While you hit me with your coyness 

While I light the green stuff up 

The leaf is all 

That brings regress

About the Poet

Archisman Banerjee is an undergraduate student at Department of English, City College, Kolkata.

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