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Kavita Shastri






A Trail 

How trivial is life: 

A few decades 

Summed up in a page. 

A million memories; 

Fade and vanish: In a jiffy. 

Time flies past, leaving a trail, 

Lost battles, lone victories, 

Plans shelved, schedules revoked 

Pride vanquished, egos crushed, 

Ready to depart:

To be consumed Panchabhuta…..

Money, Honey 

Money, Money 

Means to an end, 

Or an end to means, 

Dear or Dearth, 

Paper to paperless; 

Tired, travelling

Exchanging hands: 

Stacked, tracked… 

Now awaits coffers 

To get back … 

To get burnt, 

Destroyed, buried … 

Everywhere to Nowhere, 

Everything to Nothing…. 

Money, Money …more, more to no more.

A Search 

I walked a while 

I paused, peered around 

Found myself 

Dazed, lost 

Who am I? 

What I seek? 

Multitude of queries... 


I await a reply: 

In Time, 

Off Time.

About the Poet

Dr. Kavita Shastri is serving as Associate Professor and Head, Department of English and Media Studies at Vijaya College, Jayanagar, Bangalore. She has been teaching both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level. She has presented Papers and Chaired sessions at several National and International Seminars, Conferences and Workshops. Several of her Papers have been published too. She has guided students for both M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programs. She is a budding Poet and Translator. Some of her Poems have appeared in E-Journals.

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