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Aiman Reyaz

Muhammad Iqbal—the Religious Poet as an Adopter


West/ Occident; East/Orient; Science; Spirituality; Adopter.


A poet, philosopher, Islamic scholar, Muhammad Iqbal was a relevant man in each of these genres. For some, he is one really behind the conception of Pakistan; for others, he penned one of the most beautiful and patriotic songs for India – ‘Saare Jahan se Achcha’ for India. Iqbal acted as a bridge between the scientific advancements of the West and the traditional spirituality of the East. He was an ‘Adopter’, that is to say, in his case, one who brings compatibility between the East and the West. His writings and his thought are always evolving and they always propagate democratic equality and liberty. He is against stagnancy because that would signify getting fossilized. The purpose of this paper is to highlight him as a conduit where the inventions and ideas of the Orient and the Occident meet and adapt. For the same, some of his most famous works are taken and analysed using a comparative Close Reading approach.

About the Author

Aiman Reyaz is an Assistant Professor of Literature at the Department of English, Ram Jaipal College, Jai Prakash University, Bihar, India. He has obtained his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Patna on ‘James Joyce and Franz Kafka as Anti-novelists: A Postmodern Reading.’ His research interests are Literary Theory, Prose Fiction, Philosophy of Literature and Psychology of Literature. He is a Reviewer of International Journal of All Research Writings. His ORCID Id is 0000-0003-1707-6602. He may be contacted at

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