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Anup Barman; Sabuj Sarkar

Troubled Sea of the Mind: A Study of the Horror in the Select Poems of John Keats


Horror, Gothic, genre, death.


Horror is an “intense fear” that puts an individual’s emotions under threat creating “terror”, “disgust”, or “shock”. But horror as a genre captures the mind of the readers and audience with a sense of enjoyment. It is a releasing experience. It is “the physical and emotional release that follows scary situations”. And it is very close to “uncanny”, “terrible in nature that, according to Freud, “arouses dread and creeping horror”. The genealogy of horror as a literary genre can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. It was only in the late 18th and early 19th century when horror bloomed as the most successful literary genre. This paper on horror primarily tries to focus on select poems of Keats and presentation of horror in different sections of his poetic journey. A close reading of his poems not only offers the extraordinary capacity of thinking “on his pulses”, a highly loaded sensual Nature but also of a lurking trauma, creeping anxiety for death. In Keats, the beauty of nature has to be cherished with an uncertainty of existence. Certainly, Keats was influenced by Gothicism.

About the Author

Anup Barman is at present an Assistant Teacher of English at Dalla Chandramohan Vidyamandir (H.S), Malda, West Bengal. He completed his Master of Arts in English from The University of Gour Banga in 2012. He obtained the Degree of Bachelor of Education from the University of Gour Banga in 2013. He is an independent scholar. He has participated in several national seminars. He has a few publications to his credit. His areas of interest are Indian Writing in English and ELT. He can be reached at

Sabuj Sarkar is at present an Assistant Professor of English at University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal. He is also currently engaged in doctoral research in The University of Burdwan, Department of English and Cultural Studies. He has published various papers in different international and national journals and anthologies. He has also presented several papers in national and international seminars. His areas of interest are postcolonial studies, folk studies and cultural studies. He can be reached at

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