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Bouzain Abdelaziz

The Question of Religion and Secularism in Morocco: A Cultural Perspective


religion, secularism, modernity


This paper brings critically to the surface an issue of academic importance; it is the issue of Tradition and Modernity in Morocco. The paper narrows down the scope of analysis and discussion into only reading through one of the building-blocks of this wide and complex issue, and that is titled "The Question of Religion and Secularism". Textual analysis is adopted in order to better locate the narratives of both discourses, religious and secularist, in their appropriate socio-cultural milieu, which is the Moroccan culture. In addition, the paper aims at interrogating the culture of religion and of secularism and see how they interact, we assume either convergence or divergence or ambivalence, in a society which is still trying to orient itself. It also takes critical stands on both discourses analyzed and tries to identify contradictions according to the principles of the project proposed by each discourse. In a nutshell, this is an attempt at self-disillusioning; this disillusioning includes also aspects of thought produced by intellectuals about this issue.

About the Author

Abdelaziz Bouzain is a teacher of English Language. He is interested in the field of humanities: cultural theory, literature, human thought, and Media Studies. He published several papers and poems both in English and Arabic. He may be contacted at

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