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Jamal Akabli

The Power of Comedy

human, comedy, tragedy, theories, laughter, transient


This article is an attempt to come to grips with an often unexplored facet of human nature, i. e. comedy. Whilst tragedy has received due attention, comedy has often been relegated to the margin as being unworthy of serious debate. In my endeavour to do justice to comedy, I stop awhile at tragedy to show that, though apparently distinct, the two genres have some binding threads in common. Then, I sketch out in chronological order the main theories experts elaborated to explain what it is that makes human susceptible to laughter, laughter being the legitimate child of comedy. Last but not least, I go on to explicate the power inherent in the comedic moment, a moment of healing and critique albeit transient.

About the Author

Jamal AKABLI has been in the teaching profession since 2003. He is currently working at Ibn Sina Technical high school and the American Langage School in Kenitra. He obtained his Ph.D. from Ibn Tofail University in 2016. His main area of interest ranges from postcolonial studies to performance arts passing through the representation of Islam and Muslims in Western discourse, be it textual or visual. He may be contacted at

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