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Jan Gabriel S. Boller

Foucault and the Turn to Bodies

Body, Foucault, Power, Repressive Hypothesis, Scientia Sexualis, Self-Mastery


The question about bodies is one that eludes a single answer. There is no catch-all definition of what a body is. If we do, however, we deny all the other possibilities that it can do – which we do not even know in the first place. Now, it is an interesting take on poststructuralism to regard such topic. The question about bodies has been set aside for so long, and it was Michel Foucault, the so-called “historian of the present” who put this question as the primary focus of his analysis. He sought to understand power, its logic, its manifestations, and how it seeps through every crack in our society, even how it functions in our own bodies. As this paper primarily explores sexual hierarchies, I believe that a preliminary discussion should be done first to give justice and argue Foucault’s positions well with regards to the matter. Topics include the ontology of power, docile bodies, and Foucault’s emphasis on the care for the self.

About the Author

Jan Gabriel S. Boller is an adjunct instructor from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is currently taking up postgraduate studies at Christ the King Mission Seminary.

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