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Joydev Maity

Myths and Its Role in Contemporary Society: A Critique of Saraswati Nagpal’s Sita: Daughter of the Earth


Contemporary society, culture, graphic novel, myths, role


From a society, guided by superstitious beliefs to a scientifically developed society; from a child’s fairytale-like imagination to an adult’s logical thinking, myths have always played a pivotal role. Like its origin, myths’ role varies from culture to culture and this role is always lurking in the unconscious aspects of society; it just requires a worthy soul to comprehend its worth. A culture which is devoid of myths is devoid of religion itself. There always runs an endless discussion regarding the validity and worth of myths in society and human lives. But barring aside this argument, contemporary mythological writers have expressed their opinions through their writings and their constant affinity to mythological themes and characters that there is something worthy about myths. Many contemporary writers are using and exploiting myths both morally and aesthetically through graphic novels. Though the presentation of the sacred stories of myths in a genre like graphic novels has been put into question many a time, it is a quite apprehensible fact that less narration in graphic novels gives more leeway to the readers to explore their critical thinking and interpretation convincingly. Besides, with the graphic designs, these novels have more lasting impression on readers than common narrative tradition. This paper will deal with the role of myths in contemporary society both aesthetically and morally with special regard to Saraswati Nagpal’s Sita: Daughter of the Earth.

About the Author

Joydev Maity obtained M.A. in English from Banaras Hindu University, India. He may be contacted at

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