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Kunal Kumar Halder

Gender in Children's Literature

children's literature, gender, patriarchy, feminism


Children’s literature always helps to shape the blooming minds in an interesting way. Here I will discuss how gender roles are portrayed in the children’s literature down the ages. We can notice stereotypical gender roles in the eighteenth century fairy tales. The Grimm’s Brothers deliberately changed the original texts with additions, deletions and alterations to teach the children of their gender roles in favour of the then patriarchal system. Defoe and Swift emphasise the superiority of man to woman. Sex and gender became matters of discussion in children’s literature of 1960s and 1970s. When scholars realized that theories related to feminism help empower women, popular texts were discussed in new ways and help the young ones to understand the gender equality in a better way.

About the Author

Kunal Kumar Halder is an Assistant Professor, Department of English at Bangabasi Morning College. He may be contacted at

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