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Kunal Kumar Halder

Dissecting Masculinity in the Harry Potter Series and The Hunger Games Trilogy

masculinity, femininity, hegemonic masculinity, new masculinity, women
empowerment, gender equity


This paper will show how J. K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins construct the concept of masculinity in the Harry Potter series (1997-2007) and The Hunger Games (2008-2010) trilogy. Masculinity and femininity are two sides of the same coin and inherently related to each other. The concept of masculinity is fluid and multiple masculinities are found in the texts. Masculinity is not limited to any particular gender. The Harry Potter series offers mainly hegemonic and new masculinity and Harry Potter’s victory over Voldemort suggests that new masculinity is better than hegemonic one. In The Hunger Games, we find hegemonic, alternative and female masculinity, which help the readers understand the idea of masculinity. This paper calls for politics of inclusion or helps to broaden the definition of manhood to end gender struggle. The authors try to engrain the ideas of women empowerment and ultimately of gender equity in the young minds.

About the Author

Kunal Kumar Halder is an Assistant Professor, Department of English at Bangabasi Morning College. He may be contacted at

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