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Sakirul Saikh

Problematization of Naga Resistance: A Discourse of Postcolonial Trauma in Temsula Ao’s These Hills Called Home: Stories from a War Zone


Nagaland, Postcolonialism, Indian Army, Nationalism and Resistance


Decolonization of Indian Subcontinent in the mid-twentieth century germinates a hope of a solution to all the colonial issue of Indian people. And this Independence has fulfilled the dreams of the people. But for a section of these people, the sense of independence remains unsolved. The North-East crisis, especially the Naga issue shows one of the unresolved phenomena left behind by the freedom struggles of mainstream India. As the Naga demands of segregation from the Indian Subcontinent and having a distinct national identity remain unfulfilled even after the Independence, there arises a big tussle between the Indian armed forces and Naga-organized militant groups. The North-East Writers strive a lot to capture the attention of the Indian authority. They put the Naga issue in their writing in hope of getting a solution to these people. Temsula Ao is one of the North-East writers who desire a solution to the cries of Naga people by detailing the crisis in her writing. The present paper carries out a critical exploration of Temsula Ao’s These Hills Called Home: Stories from a War Zone and shows how Ao produces a discourse of postcolonial trauma by problematizing the Naga crisis.

About the Author

Sarikul Saikh is a Research Scholar at the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim

University, Aligarh. He may be contacted at

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