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Seitnazarova Guljahan Suxanatdinovna

Relativity of the Genre, Theme, Idea and Image in Artistic Expression

publicists, artistic skill, feature article, genre, idea.


In this article, we have focused on one of the important aspects of the creative process and the significance of masterpiece and artistic skills. As the object of research, we have chosen the feature article “Keksa tutdagi kuz” written by the poet of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Ibraim Yusupov. We have analyzed artistic skills by means of the genre, subject, idea and image in this feature article. The prominent literary scholar, Kamal Mambetov, stated that Ibrayim Yusupov is a master of creating lyrical images. We have tried to give a theoretical and practical argument that his artistic skill as a writer and a publicist itself to be unique, high peak and school of skills.

About the Author

Seitnazarova Guljahan Suxanatdinovna is an assistant teacher at Karakalpak language and Literature faculty, Karakalpak State University, Nukus, Uzbekistan. She can be contacted at

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