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Soumen Chatterjee

An Insider's Resistance of the Hierarchy of Oppression in Anil Gharai’s Reincarnation of Parashuram


Tribal Society, Superstitious Practices, Education, Witchcraft.


Indian tribal literature primarily presents tribal society as an ideal society where the tribals lead a communal life with Arcadian simplicity. The ills of tribal life like drunkenness, sexual debauchery, greed for power and meaningless practice of several superstitions that plague the life of the tribals are generally rendered invisible, even unmentionable in tribal literature. But at present Indian tribal writers like Nirmala Putul have exposed these pitfalls of tribal life in her writing. 

     This paper using Bengali writer Anil Gharai’s short story, Reincarnation of Parshuram as a case study will show how the tribal society is mired in meaningless superstitious practices – witchcraft, dains and others—that often create rifts even within the family members and shake the basic bonds of life alarmingly. This paper will also try to review and reassess how even in the so-called utopian tribal society, greed for power within the grid of power is the dominant controlling factor. How epistemological shifts in education and health consciousness can bring about radical changes in the Indian tribal cultural space is also the focus of my paper

About the Author

Mr. Soumen Chatterjee is an assistant teacher in Barabeli Junior High School (Govt-aided) situated in West Bengal. He has completed his Post Graduation in English Literature and also completed Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching. He has qualified UGC-NET in English literature. He has worked in Mahishadal Raj College under Faculty Development Programme for three sessions. He has contributed to some national and international journals and presented papers in West Bengal and other states. He may be contacted at

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