Volume 3 Issue 4, October 2019

Soumita Mitra

The  Paths  Still  to  Be  Walked


The paths still to be walked

The thought of solving the puzzle of this life 

Keeps me awake.

How long is the road?

How long should I walk in the path of compromise!

How many more tests are still to appear?

I ask you the question, Almigty

Will there be no end to this storm?

Will my eyes see not the dawn of a peaceful morning!

Or shall I stay awake burning away midnight hopes?









A  Hymn  to  the  Almighty


Blessed becomes the day when I feel  your  warmth  

In the rising sun.

Safe  feels  my heart when I see the  huge branches of tree

Drooping down,

Having beautiful flowers on them,

It seems as if you have raised your hands to shower your  

Blessings upon me.

The world  starts  smiling  when  my  face gets,

Sunkissed with your vibrant rays.

My heart feels overwhelmed when I see you

In every reflection.

About the Poet

Soumita Mitra is born and brought up in Maithon, Jharkhand. She is an educationist and poetess. Presently, she is persuing her PhD in Philosophy from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad. She  is  passionate  about  creative  writing  which  has lead her to become part of  International Poetry compilations and International Journal and other International Anthologies. She loves  spending time with nature and nurtures her love for writing.

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