Volume 4 Issue 1, April 2020

Moinak Dutta


You asked everyone to stay at home, 
Didn’t you?
So here we are, 
Going home,
Home bound are we,
Unless we get back
How can we be at home?

So we are here,
Treading miles after miles 
With our little kids on our shoulders
Braving the scorching heat of the sun
And beatings of police, 
Breaking lockdown.

Our jobs having gone,
There has been no other ways to live
Than going back home,
At least there we can get water, 
And the air of our villages may give us some hope,

Well, we live it,
Lockdown or no lockdown,
Covid 19 or no Covid,

Aren’t we ?




About the Poet

Born on 5th September, 1977, Moinak Dutta has been writing poems and stories from school days. Presently engaged as a teacher of English in a government sponsored institution. Many of his poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines and also dailies including ‘Madras Courier’, 'The Statesman' (Kolkata edition), ' World Peace Poetry  anthology ' (United Nations), ‘Spillwords’ (published from New York, USA), 'Setu' (published from Pittsburgh, USA) Riding and Writing (as a featured poet twice, published from Ohio, USA), 'The Indian Periodical,' 'Pangolin Review', 'Tuck Magazine,' 'Duane's Poetree', 'Story mirror', ' Tell me your story' ( literary and travel magazine), ‘Nature Writing Magazine’ (U.K.), ‘ Oddball magazine’ ‘Soft Cartel’ magazine, ‘Diff Truths’ magazine,’ 'Mason Street' (literary journal of Newark Public Library, NY, USA), 'Narrow Road' ,  ‘Ethos Literary  Journal’ etc. Written reviews of books and fictions, among which notable ones are: on  'The   Upanisads' (translated by Valerie J. Roebuck) and the review of  'The Ballad of Bapu' (written by Santosh Bakaya). 
His first full length English fiction ‘Online@Offline’'  had been published in 2014,  by Lifi Publications. His second fiction 'In search of la radice' was published in 2017 by Xpress Publications. He also worked as an editor of a poetry collection titled 'Whispering Poeisis', which had over one hundred poems from sixty poets from different parts of India and abroad, published in 2018 by Poeisis. He loves photography apart from listening to music and watching films and traveling.

email :moinakdutta@yahoo.co.in  


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