Volume 4 Issue 1, April 2020

Arshad Khan

Two Innocent Hearts

Heaven brings treasure of bless and bliss
For whom under a new seed nurses into mellow fruits
She rains weeps without uttering her lips
Never grumble against her selfless deeds.
How nicely She weaves the nest of unknown birds!

Eating herself dirt and dust
Constructing a concrete pillar of trust
An innocent cry comes from a chicken-heart
For pouring blessing upon
Under whose feet the Heaven lies
She is calm and composed
As the ocean of mercy
sweeter than honey
The fragrance of flowers seem bleak
Before the aroma of her sacrifice.




About the Poet

Arshad Khan, son of Maqsood Khan, born in Darbhanga of Bihar, is working as an assistant professor in J N College (Madhubani). Besides, he is a research scholar and doing his research on William Wordsworth and Robert Frost.

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