Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

From the Editor

No anthology is perfect and fully satisfactory--each has its boundary and shortcoming. Then why this endeavour? We say it is just an effort to capture the fleeting moment on the way of Indian poetry. So many Indian writers are writing poetry in English that we cannot even approach all of them. So many submissions from so many poets, we received yet we know, we guess and we feel there are many more. So many could not be approached. Alright, let's go with these. And we must be satisfied. There are sixty-four poets in this issue. Veterans offer masterpieces, young bloods shimmer, prove more than their poetic mettle and new discoveries offer immense hope for aesthetics. They are all stars in the literary firmament, and bright and beautiful ones at that! We cannot mention all of them here. So, it's better to mention none. Each poet should be recognised by his/her own.

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Published by The Alternative.