Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Aditya J. Rathore 

Succede Solo Agli Altri

(It only happens to others)





There she comes



the start of an end.


The expiring angel

tenderly invites,

drips warmth

through her eyes,

and for a brief eternity

buries time.


Her triumphant surrender

digs me up from under

and invokes

an ardour

blind and unknown

and I give into


blessed curse of union

and the last first kiss.





So unwillingly willing,

so venal and pure,

we’re seized

by a maddening desire

                        to imbibe every





of each other’s flesh & soul.


Carved in fervent flame,

forged by reckless abandon,

we concede to

a new born language

of youthful melodies

and innocent highs

that are so hard to come by.






Possessed by her open hand


enticing smile;

the splash of

blood, spit, and drops,

so darkly white;

I’m a child in thrall

to the sedation

of her narcotic nectar

and skin nubile.


Behind shades

that conceal the heat

of our feral prime,

we spill acid love

and juices divine,

blotting all care and concern

of the mind.







ardour fades,

the fragrance

from once upon a time

is scarce.


This continuing continuation

of disquieting solace

and obsessive compulsions,

of jealous venom

and false pacifications.

But I can’t shake off

this lucid confusion

this alluring repulsion.







Her smell of morphine

and morbid sigh,

her healing diseases

and rapture cry;

my magnum opus

my suffocating freedom,

she’s the epidemic

that keeps

me alive.


Her dissolving caress

and her technicolour laugh

leaves mind scars,

the only reminiscence

of her vanishing presence

and her carnal essence.






Vision loses sight of you,

silent utterances of her name

are but a few;

the absent touch on my fingers,

a tongue that disremembers;

the jaded memories

are all that remains

as a residue.

A forgotten eventuality

of unbelonging

has finally come true,

turning me and her

into familiar strangers.

About the Poet

Aditya J. Rathore has worked on numerous writing projects and has published work in several reputed publications including Hakra, Alt-Zine, and eFiction India. He is now working as an editor at a leading publication company in New Delhi.  \

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