Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Inam Hussain Mullick

The Night Decorates


the night


the sandy landscape

with winds

and leaf helmets,


angry prophets

race downhill

with flowers of fire,


drums exclaim

the legend

of Moses and the Pharaoh,


the town bard


“what do you know

of torment?”,


the river listens

and listens

and explodes into a dream

that orbits

the skulls of sleeping fish,


the blue prisoners

walk skyward.




A Libidinous Cat


a libidinous cat


the night clouds,


an insect worships

Edgar Allan Poe,


I made some moonlight

to shine

on your nakedness,


we raid

hell's auditorium

and recover

a saxophone sunset,


my sense of history


who won the battle of Plassey?


we beguile our time


a wicked star

as high appellations crumble,


the horror

the horror


a city

drenched in platinum

is your recent address,

your lips

the shade of an easy gree,


I know

your gentle face

and the wrath



all is not lost,


in our underground opera

of contraband songs,

the blade of love

cuts less.







In Your Hands


in your hands


is a toy


night's engines


the wind,


city of paperwork dream

witnesses Adam's rising

lust for witches


in the arc of moonlight

you sing


ducks populate

the hut of witchcraft


winter becomes music


what is more urgent

than me meeting you

in the garden of apricots?








The Ocean Blinks


the ocean blinks

and touches the kingdom

of turtles


pigeons fly

above fences

by divine permission


I am waiting for

a silver summer

and you dancing


the debris

of my life

have grown eyes


during the civil war

I remember

the sparrow grandmother's

afternoon stories


the job market


into the teapot

I nurture my hard-on

and the revolution


in a pure bass moment

ghosts genuflect.



About the poet

Inam Hussain Mullick is a poet, composer, photographer, performance artiste and independent scholar from Kolkata, India. He is the recipient of a Certificate of Excellence, presented to him at Poetry Paradigm's Kavi Samman. His photography has been awarded by The B/W Minimalists and Fuoco Visuale. His poetry, fiction, photography and articles have appeared in various anthologies, journals and magazines in print and on the internet, including Cologne of Heritage: Incredible Bengal, Love My Religion, Poetry with Prakriti, Duane's PoeTree, Hyderabad Express, Microsoft Create to Inspire, Prosopisia, Neesah and The Statesman. His digital painting has appeared in Xart magazine. He has penned a column, Random Harvest, for Evolve, The Statesman. Readers and reviewers have compared his poems to the magic realist prose of Marquez, the paintings of Jackson Pollock and the verses of Eliot and Lorca. His publications in print include Roses for the Madhouse (Cult of Beauty, 2010), a handcrafted collection of poems, Winter's Electric Architecture (Hawakal Publishers, 2016) and The Magical Life of Inamorato (Writers Workshop, forthcoming). He has performed at prominent art events, festivals and spaces in India. He edits The Cauldron, Dolchhut, Erothanatos (Poetry Editor), the quiver review and writes the blog 7Xi at www.inamoratopublications.blogspot.com.

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