Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Masud Bora

The Story of a Cursed Orion


One after the two, two after three

Then one huge adaptation,

I am like a fast flowing river,

With the sound of every drop of water,

We can wake up our nerves  and volatile calculations. It's not a story,

Ignoring the current of frozen memories,

Today the firefly burns in my new moon,

As I came across the heated shelf,

I can feel cold.


Look up at the sky

The flame of radiance is blazing,

Familiar hands are merging with each other.

One nostalgic intention pervades all family, friendship, And love.

Yet suddenly, if the scales of the equation

Tilted to one side ,

Maybe the memory will be erased,

Then you will not remember me,

All that remains will be

The flickering heartbeat of this poem.

Look at closely, My dear,

It is actually the gray skeleton of a cursed Orion.




Character Dialogue


Lots of tunes to organize today

Slightly recognizable voice,

With the first sound of the leaves

The unknown bird feels first bear fever.

Walking One afternoon through the opposite way

Anonymous sun of the wishing wings,

I found happiness spreads across the window.

Life or livelihood

Whatever the delirium,

You can make me feel busy

But the character dialogue gets long life.







I saw with disoriented eyes

Every day in the pale sky,

The rainbow stays in the dewy grass.

Look at the stains on the glasses.

Dusty roads at the mouth of old age

It's sound Chaotic,

I'm really very cheap.

Let's break the memories and share.





When in Nature


Huge banyan trees are busy with playing cards,

Hands on my cheeks in the middle of the running train.

Kingfishers are immersed in hiding

The shade of the sun,

The cows rejoice at the touch of the green grass,

Rows of date palms greeted on the way to raw road

The peaceful sleep of the snails clinging to the algae,

I just wonder why nature is so bright?

There is no makeup box manipulation,

Magic in the light of the firefly shining again during the night.

My eyes were a little obsessed with peace,

But in the course of time, there is a strong mechanical effect

I did not notice when the station came,

Through the unfinished dream I saw a lot,

The color of nature was quite beautiful

Waking up in a dream I saw the future.

The corona free nature.


About the poet

Masud Bora is a 4th year student of West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences. He lives in Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal.

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