Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Meghna Roy

Lockdown Blues


Darkness prevails

As the streets give off warmth;

And a bewildering stillness

Troubles the souls.


The gloom of silenced thoroughfare

Recounts the story of lost vigor;

Vacant shops, empty precincts

Mock the ephemerality of glamour.


Like damp fire-crackers fizzled out

Petty men walk down the roads.

Snappy and nervous

They sputter like seeds in oil.


Aversion has encrusted the hearts

Callousness has corroded the minds,

Lives are convoluted in an addled commotion

As dispirited beings trapped in a stolid landscape.


Children are crying with fretful whimper

Echoes of their screams, loud and deafening,

A seemingly endless confinement scars the childhood

Vexatious and maddening.


The sky weeps

The landscape moans

The earth has turned yellow

Blood drips from the wounds.







The night has descended

Lift up your veil

Your lips are trembling

Like a river in the dale.


Your quietude shall break

In the wanton play

Your coldness shall turn to desire

And coyness faded far away.


Her bosom heaves with wild palpitation

Her heart beats with unbridled passion

Kind tumults unsettle her veins

Reluctance subsides and Love reigns.


The moon has a sacred glow, serene and bright

The lights witness the fulfillment with immense delight

The nuptial bed anxiously awaits the union

Never was silence so golden.






Denial in Love


You remained

in a compartmentalized,

domestic sphere.


Watching the infant;

the sleeping cherub

on the cradle bed.


With sleep-laden eyes

softly you sang to the young rebel,

angry and restless.


Your angelic touch

on his brows turned his raspy voice

to benign amiability.


The lioness in you battled ceaselessly

with his agony and ill health,

his frailty and anguish.


With Time faded,

the yearning for motherly affection,

love dies away in oblivion.


Shivers in pain the old wrinkled hands

that once made bed , pulled up the wet covers,

washed his face and curled his hair.


Abandoned in the dark, you embraced the night

Light deserted you and so has the child.






Broken Fragments


A heart bleeds, exuding no pain

The blots soon disappear, leaving no stain.

Rebuilt with an evolved artifice

The empty shells learn to please,

And the dumb smiles dare not the angst release.


The world crumbles down with great disdain

Yet the anxious voices their silence retain.

What seems real is the devious art of delusion

What is delusional is a clumsy commiseration,

And what lurks inside is a silent longing for liberation.


Traversing the solitary gardens along the gloomy lane

She walks past the vigilant trees driving insane.

The weeping eyes slipped from the cage surreptitiously

Incarcerated with fear, her heart sighed heavily,

Transcending the silenced voices thus rose a trembling voice frantically.


The past breathes inside her like a heart in pain

Brimming with the rage of warrior set to ingrain,

The self-long lost in the act of unblemished submission.

Pitted against the murky shades, she knows no retaliation

But the head held high is on the road to self-assertion.


An endless path, a downcast face, a gloomy mien

Narrates the tale of innocence, assaulted and slain,

Regrets the lure enchantment in the game of seduction.

But the bygone shall never be touched by aberration

Because Life educates through sorrow and contradiction.


A broken window, a distorted glass pane

A bamboozled soul drenched in rain

Slipped on the pebbles, dropped with a gasp

Scarred, she falls apart, no arms to enclasp

Yet alone she stands unyielding, her breath loud and rasp...





About the poet

Meghna Roy is a writer and scholar in the field of English Literature. At present, she is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith, West Bengal. She obtained her M.A degree in English Literature from the University of North Bengal. Her publications which have appeared in several Indian and International peer-reviewed journals, include “The Anti-establishment values in Blake’s art with emphasis on The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, “Mysticism: The Glorious Incomprehensible” and “Nature Philosophy in Atwood’s Surfacing

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