Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Rabi Haldar

Nature's Algebra


The brown breeds boarded the air,

Human execution is on process!

It will haunt us.

No ounce of mercy is granted this time for the house of bones.

The Garden of Eden will have to be evacuated on a short note of efficiency.


Why the earth looks so peaceful?

The white feathers with red beaks have returned in the cannel of Venice;

With no movement of wooden boats, and shouting, and reverberation from a distant valley.

And black-silver fish is dancing with no hindrance coming in its way.

Nature has calculated its algebra!


We, who caused and shed chaos of less harmony,

We, who showed our back to the Rule Book;

Have to pay ransom for freeing the brown hooded side of Adam.









Ode To Rain


The Night Rain always pulls me on the valley you're inhabiting, miles away from me.

It is a sound, so crystal that composes your voice nearest to my window curtains;

Making it clinging to the void darkness,

I lay still, with blood hypnotized: running through my imperial vein!


A battle begins with the sullen wind allied to drowsy rain,

It shouted war with a thorough cry; breaking the sober night, adored by me.

The smoke I lit up between my lips-

Accompanied me, and stood me still near the balcony I saw you last

Where from you bid adieu!


The raindrops beneath electric wires,

The yellow van on the wet alley, the calm leaves of lone tree,

Conjured up my Heart: your shadow

Glided in, a treachery in hand; full of Love.

The peace I felt, when the rain did melt

Your name in me; a moment, I loved to freeze!








Ode to Her

If kissing would be an art, do consider me Picasso,

Required not thousands of times to make you alive.

I would rather ask you to carpe-diem the moment

Making your dead soul to seize my breath while,

My numbed lips plant a kiss on yours, for,

I ought to be alive once more!

Like we walked on worthy night, enthralled cityscape-

Witnessing Love for Love's sake; strangling heart

Wrapped in soft yet strong emotions!

I would adore your lips with mine,

If you promise to cry in joy!









Call for Change

The Last Alarm set early tonight!
The Youth was awake, to witness the Change,

It knew no colour, neither Blue nor Red!

I foresee the plot:
The treaty You signed, seems to fail
In all aspects, the moment you prevail,
With all your strength and you hail,
'I am the One'!

For thousand years and more,
We could run, to perish your root
Beneath our boots,
We set the Fire, in our hearts
To free the birds;
Of our will, of our core!










Then I intended to put a life,
In the bedridden telephone that:

Once belonged to her grandfather.

I did dial her number, long after year.
The phone did ring,
And she did cling, breathing awe!

"Why did I call?", asked she.
"Remember the little you?”, I intended.
She made a cry and a wish,
Someday the phone would ring,
And you should sing,
A jingle to me."

Here thus lie,
The gift of mine,
On the day she born.





About the poet

Rabi Haldar completed his Graduation from the University of Calcutta and is currently pursuing his Post Graduation in English Literature in Rabindra Bharati University. He is a poet and also an essay writer. He had recognized his utmost passion for poetry since his early age. He considers poetry as a form where life and living life are amalgamated with each other to express the art of human souls. Poetry for him, is the daily wage to a hungry mind.

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