Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Syed Tahir Rufai

The Door I Lean on

There is a green door in a shrine
Behind which my beloved lives
He whispers in my ear and says
What is it that this world gives?

There is a green door in a shrine
On which I lean and I bow down
The cloth wrapped around it smells
Like the scent of his holy gown

I call my lover behind the door
And tell him how much it hurts
In his remembrance I read his Kibrat
And the poems my soul burns

The door talks to me too and tells me
How much he loves to see my lover
He tells me he dines with the angels
I envy the door and life to be over









The Grave of Love

A kid when I was and held fingers
My father took me to visit a grave
And told me to keep quiet and be still
For he is bold and resting in peace

The grave was higher than me
We were the only ones there
But somewhere in the inside
Fear grew a bit more big

There were people around me
Who were chanting His name
Calling out to Him loudly
But no one around could listen

I still visit the grave of Naqshband
And I sit quietly next to him
He talks to me in whispers
While the lights around are dim

I know that he was stern and firm
When he was here with them
But the aura around sturdy
As if he is still here with me









Compass of a Darvesh

I am a compass of a Darvesh
Who would spin around
He danced all long life
Round and round he went

He was missing something
His insides were empty
Perhaps a direction he needed
To where he would go

I am his compass and I dance
I go around and I dance
Like my master I’m missing
The north of my long life

I will spin and spin until
I find the directions to him
I will find my North
And my walk will begin









About the poet

Syed Tahir Rufai is a 22-year-old sufi poet from Kashmir. Tahir was born in a sufi family and was exposed to poetry and dhikr at a very young age. He started to write in urdu at the age of 10 and gradually started writing in Kashmiri and English too. Tahir has received his Bachelors in Psychology Hons. and PG Dip. in Guidance and Counselling from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Tahir has previously published two books: The Flying Sparrows in 2017 and his 2nd book which is a sufi poetry anthology named In the name of Mashouq was recently published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata. Tahir has a special affection towards Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib R.A., Shiekh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani and Bahauddin Naqshbandi and most of the poems that Tahir writes revolves around the Qadiri, Mevlavi and Rufai order. Tahir is currently working on his 3rd book and plans to publish again soon.

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