Volume 4 Issue 2, June 2020
Special Issue for Indian Poetry

Archana Chandrashekar

It Is Pointless


It is pointless
to explain a joke
Even more, 
to clarify a poem

You know what is
inherently poetic
and interspersed
with humour?


When it hits you
I’ll be smiling
so you’ll know
that I got it too

If I’m not, don't think
that I missed the meaning
It’s only a build up
to make me laugh.


Blue Wall

No one,

No one looked at the blue wall

until it had a small yellow board


to one of it’s broken windows


and the passers-by

just passing by

now gaze at the wall’s blueness

bluer around the window’s yellowness

yellower amidst the blueness

of the wall


their smiles now twinkling

below the melancholy

of their eyes


over a picture of the blue wall

they’ve just trespassed


no one looked at the blue wall.

Down The Memory Lane


There is a wall built down

the memory lane


It is guarded well

with spokes and grills


Cemented even to push me around

the other way


Behind it, I don't clearly remember

But is something fierce


Like a tidal wave

That can break in any day and take me away


Could it drown me

or could it teach me

how to swim?


Soil Erosion


If it is calm after the storm

and the dust has settled down


It's time to storm out of the door,

have the dust watered down


Life is better off soiled

than simply dusted away.


a blunt knife

a bored aquaguard

dishes unwashed


stale milk

a wall lizard

a callous fridge

in vegetative state


“What’s cooking?”

asked the thermos flask.




About the poet

Archana Chandrashekar is a documentary filmmaker based in Mumbai. After graduating from the National Institute of Design in Visual Communication, she has worked in the rural grassroots of Central India engaging with the indigenous communities of the region. She is a story-teller with a passion for design and sustainability in every-day life. Much like the works of Abbas Kiarostami, poetry plays a pivotal role as the underlying thread in her narratives. Her last film, Jaadui Jungle (Magical Forest - 2019) addressing the issue of rampant forest fires in India has been showcased at UNICEF Innocenti Film Festival (Italy) along with screenings at many other inter-national and regional film festivals across the country. View her work at www.archanac.com

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