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E-ISSN 2457-0265


Vol. 2 Issue 4

From the Editor

Scholarly Articles

Neeraj Sharma

An Introspection on the Folklore of Bharmani: the Patron Goddess of the Gaddi Tribe

Page: 1-8

Seitnazarova Guljahan Suxanatdinovna

Relativity of the Genre, Theme, Idea and Image in Artistic Expression

Page: 19-29

Angshuman Mukhopadhyay

Ovid’s Bacchus: A Study in Gender Fluidity

Page: 9-18

Dr. Sharmila Ray

Bridging the Divide: Kazi Nazrul Islam and Nationalism

Page: 30-40

Mukul SK

Manoj Mitra’s Play Honey from a Broken Hive: A Discourse of History and Culture

Page: 41-58

Gh Hassan Wani

INA’s Model of Inclusive Nationalism and its relevance in contemporary India

Page: 59-76

Safi Ullah

‘Ode on the Lungi’: Kaiser Haq’s Portrayal of “the Subaltern Speaking”

Page: 77-87

Critical Essays

Shahnaz Ameer

Pride and Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Grey: Wealthy Heroes and Smitten Heroines

Page: 88-97

Suman Pramanik

Who Can Decorate Your Mind?

Page: 98-103


Con Chapman

Page: 111-113

Moinak Dutta

Page: 114-117

Lynn White

Page: 118-121

Kavita Shastri

Page: 122-124

Archisman Banerjee

Page: 125-127

Arthita Mandal

Page: 128-129

Divya Somani

Mother Loving and the Theatrics of Patriarchy

Page: 104-110

Ginnie Singh

Page: 130-131

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