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Vol. 4 Issue 3

K.V. Raghupathi

If I am Dead


If I am dead

I know your tears flow like October streams

I may not see

Cry now until your eyes drain like summer plains.


If I am dead

I know you may plant hot kisses on my cold body like pigeon

I may not feel

Kiss me now profusely until your lips pale like shrunken lily.


If I am dead

I know you may heap praise after praise upon me like a drunken sycophant

I may not hear

Praise me therefore until the spring comes.


If I am dead

I know you may abuse me for my faults like a disgruntled politician

I may not record

Abuse me therefore until your vocal cords stop vibrating.


If I am dead

I know your love overflows like boiling milk in a kettle

I may not sense

Love me therefore until the Blue Moon fades.


If I am dead

I know you may feed the poor to satisfy your ego

I may not witness

Feed the poor now dispassionately till your treasures drain.


Time is short, life is small.

Death is near, love is far

Nothing will give you fullness

except a sense of giving.

Everything goes without your doing anything.

Hence love me, kiss me

praise me, abuse me

and feed the destitute before I am dead.







About the Poet

Poet, short story writer, novelist, book reviewer, and critic Dr. K.V. Raghupathi has published twelve poetry collections, two short story collections, two novels, eight critical/edited books besides four books on Yoga and numerous stimulating and thought-provoking articles in various international journals, both online and print. His poetry collections include, Desert Blooms (1987), Echoes Silent (1988), The Images of a Growing Dying City (1989), Small Reflections (2000), Voice of the Valley (2003, 2014), Wisdom of the Peepal Tree (2003, 2014), Samarpana (2006), Orphan and Other Poems (2010), Dispersed Symphonies (2010), Between Me and the Babe (2015),  On and Beyond the Surface (2018), and The Mountain is Calling… (2019). An Indian author best known for his poetry in the English language, his poetry is rooted in the abundance of philosophy, nature, transcendentalism, imagery and social perspectives, and replete with similes, metaphors, personifications, apostrophe, irony, climax, anti-climax and full of rhetoric and symbols.  More often he takes the readers on the spiritual exploration of radical philosophical thoughts which strongly speak through all the collections.  He is a recipient of several awards for his creativity at the national level that include Michael Madhusudan Dutt Award (2000), H. D. Thoreau Writing Fellowship (2001), Best Chosen Poet for 2003 (2003), Lifetime Achievement Award (2010), Rock Pebbles National Award for Creativity (2014), and King Phrasal Arbind Chowdhury Award for Poetry (2018). He lives at Tirupati, AP.


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