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Vol. 4 Issue 3

Sukanya Basu Mallik



Mankind's mood is subject

To surge and fall with the weather.

I don't ask you to believe me,

I instead urge you

to gape deep into nature,

Because then you will understand everything better,

Just like you know how you look,

Every time you look at the mirror!


For living is not enough,

One must have a reflection

Of the gorgeous bright


Shining bright in the heart,

And like glorious flowers in the eyes,

Because that's the mantra to hack perpetual happiness

Within the cage of this mortal being,

It's the only way,

And it's a must!






In Hopes of a Mask Free World!


Whether I will get through or not

is now a question with faint doubtful answers

It is a question which has no certain answer,

Only guesses, uncertain guesses but what I know is that

sometime in the near future, if I become the past

what will remain forever is possibly my body of work, my kindness, my  spirit beyond my body, my soul and all things intangible and of course my art;

 so in the preservation of the same,

I pen down my emotions I keep them for you

For others & for centuries to come.


And in my writings, I write prayers tangled with a web of "Spells for aeons to come",



In hopes of a future free of this pandemic,

In hopes of a mask free planet!





In the Reflection of My Mind's State


Writing is therapeutic and

writing soothes my soul!

Writing is my first love

And it is my identity's mould!

I'm a wanderer

I'm a loner

I'm mad

I'm insane

And yet …

the best title which suits me

Is none other but that of a wordsmith!

Because I sow words and reap words,

I plant seeds of love and water them

with all my heart and my soul

pouring out verses of love

And songs of despair

All but in reflection of my mind's state-

The internal affairs!





About the Poet

Sukanya Basu Mallik is an undergraduate published researcher, social entrepreneur, multi-genre author, film and book critic. Her works can be seen on Reader’s Digest, TOI, Sahitya Akademi, AIPF Int. Anthology etc. Crowned with Best Manuscript Awards for fiction & non-fiction categories (Mumbai Litofest, 2018), she was also appreciated for her short story ‘Healing of wounds’ at NCLF led by Ruskin Bond.

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