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Vol. 4 Issue 3


Wine-Kissed Poems: A Set of 18 Sakhi-Sakha Duet/Dialogue Poems by Dr. Ampat Koshy and Jagari Mukherjee

Urna Bose


Wine-Kissed Poems: A Set of 18 Sakhi-Sakha Duet/Dialogue Poems 
Dr. Ampat Koshy and Jagari Mukherjee 
Blue Pencil, 2020.
ISBN: 978-1077136458


Here is the sheer joy of dialogue, the chemistry of conversation, the magic of two different points of view. Two different ways of observation. Two different ways of feeling, of seeking solace, redemption, and love. Two different, parallel pathways of continuum, so to speak.

     I was drawn in by this book’s conversational style of poetry, which comes like a whiff of dewy freshness. You will not do justice to the magic that these poems have spun, if you read them hurriedly, in a go-go-go frame of mind. I suggest, you reserve this very special collection for a night of calm, restorative solitude, when you want to savour something delectable and heady.

     Pour yourself a glass of red wine or make yourself a cup of hot, frothy coffee and then immerse yourself in the sheer artistry of these verses. And allow your tongue to taste the potent, stirring, intoxicating sweetness of these wine-kissed words. My personal favourites include the ‘Dragons’, ‘On Poetry’ and the ‘History’ series, which I have swirled, sniffed and sipped many a time, by now.

     This is not a one-time read, poetry lovers. It’s a book you keep by your bed-side table or on your desk, so that when the heart ebbs and flows, on a full moon night, you know exactly what to soak yourself in. The wine-kissed verses by the immensely talented, and an absolute trailblazer Dr Koshy AV, and a stunningly elegant poet, Jagari Mukherjee.

      Take my words, this book will get you drunk on poetry.




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Urna Bose is an advertising professional. Urna started her career in advertising as a copywriter and has worked her way up, right through the ranks. Having worked with some of the most well-known advertising giants in the country like R K Swamy/BBDO, McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mudra, Lowe Lintas and others, Urna went on to become a Creative Director and an Executive Creative Director, thereafter. Urna has been the brain-child behind many clutter-breaking, iconic advertising campaigns and has won Indian as well as global creativity awards.
Urna also writes poetry. Her poetry has been published in many national and international anthologies. Urna loves travelling, and her obsessive, unapologetic wanderlust makes her dabble with travel writing, every now and then. Urna believes that soulful poetry and gooey chocolate cake can pretty much fix everything.

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