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Vol. 4 Issue 3

Dushyant Sheokand

Dialogue {with God}


With your mornin’ prayers’ whisper in my ear.

In this melodious realm I composed,

Tell me O my Sound Son, what do you hear?

I hear pain; I hear lies; peace being opposed.

I hear silence of good, laughs of evil.

Forgive O lord but your rhymes have prosed.

Remember hope never dies. Don’t be dull,

Open your eyes and show me what do you see

In this world bright, beautiful and regal?

I see fear; I see hate; no one being free.

I see reign of darkness, demise of light,

Hope has long vanished. How can I agree?

For you I created both depth and height,

Wake up O son, and don’t dwell just in night.






Paper Boat


Sailed through memories,

The sight of paper boat,

Of times when

Dreams were afloat.

All the streets, stories and playmates

Are on deck

To bring to me

My long lost emotions back.


My best friend, my first crush,

My favorite toy, my yummy slush,

All resurfaced.

And so does the generous bead of tear

Rolling down my flushed face to soothe me

Out of feelings, I can no longer bear.

Today, once worthless white sheet,

Makes me feel my heart’s beat.


Board me in

And ease my pain.

Sail me to my past

So that I could again

Ride the bike my father held,

Live the tails my mother told,

Climb the trees my earth owned,

Fly the kites over the windy wold.


Drop by drop like music

Down pours the nectar

From heaven above

Over this little boat,

Immortalizing my childhood

My spirit and my love.

To these melodies of rain

Let me dance again.







Thou enhance spring morrow beaut,

Yet thou art chirping sorrow, oh Blue Jay|

Why? Hast thou forgotten how to flute

‘cause thy fellow flew far away?

Will thou not roll ever again

Over thy winds, over thy reign?

Don’t fickle. Spread thy blue over the blue,

And be the one whom awaits the dew.

Blue crown , gown and necklace; A Deity.

Ever bright, polite and speckles; An Omen.

So says my Mother, A Verity.

And so believes the common.

Though an Atheist this I can’t deny,

For all I know to me she will never lie.





About the Poet

Dushyant Sheokand is currently doing M.A. in Geography from Jawharlal Nehru University, Delhi. He likes to read and write. He may be contacted at +919034811145 and

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