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Vol. 5 Issue 1

Antara Banerjee

Immortal Beloved


No one can invest everything in love,

like a true artist can.

No one can be as passionate.

Immortal is that love,

for it goes beyond the limits of reason

and sanity…

where attachment becomes eccentric,

crushing love, guises as disdain…

being and not being, mingle into one…

A state of eternal thirst.


Pain becomes inspiration,

a zeal in which, an entire life

can be dedicated…

in the quest of a drop

of that ever-elusive fulfilment….


It indeed takes

a weaver of dreams,

to make an immortal beloved

out of a mortal love.







Why must a day pass

without the hope of seeing you?

Without the tingle of your voice

in my ears?


It is not easy to wring mead

out of mere memories…

to quench the thirst of a parched heart.

Restless days blur into sleepless nights,

they hang around in the darkness,

drowned in a haze of tears…


Yes, I cry for you…

But tell me,

why must I lay my soul bare,

to beget

what I know, is mine?





The Fall


I felt like a wizard,

when my words

stirred you from a distance.

I enamoured

In defying the laws of gravity.

That, I could fly to you

at will…


But who knew,

that bliss

would be so short lived?

that, like Icarus,

waylaid by hubris,

I would fly

too close to the sun

And fall!


spinning helplessly

into the sea of Agean.


Never to surface again!

Never to dare!

Never soar in the sky!

Never to return to my words-

to stir you again!




Fragrances that Linger


A creeper

of fragrant wild wisteria

winds around my body.

The tender green foliage

covers my earthy skin.

The cascading blooms

hang in abundance,

dancing and lilting

in the rousing wind.

Purple and pink blossoms

bloom at the dimple of my navel…


The scent travels with me,

pervading the air…

like a drop of warm rouge

dissolving in a swirl of water…

Drink from the goblet of amour,

when you pass by me…

This is a fragrance

that shall linger.


I shall take root in your heart,

grow on your soul…

bathe in your desires…

drown you in delicacy…


I am invasive…I shall persist…

Love me… be mine…

Dwell in me…


About the Poet

Antara Banerjee is an Author and tri-lingual Poet, with three publications, 'The Goddess in Flesh', 'To be a Woman' and 'Pieces of a Tormented Mind' to her credit. She is the awardee of Sanmarg Aparajita Award 2019 for Young Achiever in Literature and Udaan Empowering Women Award for outstanding contribution to Women Centric Literature. She is a graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata and Masters from Goldsmiths College, London.

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