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Vol. 5 Issue 1

Arshad Khan

The Last Moment


Pains cry, sobs dry,

Desire of life gets wet

Into poisonous air of breath,

Eyes drops their light

To bring darkness,

Darkness drops its hope

To fetch a complete


Brain loses its conscience

After becoming unconscious,

Lips utter the last few words

Which judge the most

Horrifying reality of Death

That haunts me in fear of losing

The most precious and

Dearest one,

Which uproots me from my roots

But her pious and divine spirit

Flashes in my inner

Darkness and

washes away my faded hope as I

accepted my catastrophe as God’s will.

About the Poet

Arshad Khan, son of Maqsood Khan, born in Darbhanga of Bihar, is working as an assistant professor in J N College (Madhubani). Besides, he is a research scholar and doing his research on William Wordsworth and Robert Frost.

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