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Vol. 5 Issue 2

Obinna Chilekezi  

You Stand in My Dreams Like Kilimanjaro


Another year has begun
And the old one faded away, yet no see
I only see you in dreams, as we do our dead
I see you in morning dreams, mid daydreams and night dreams


You are always in my mind
Standing still like Mount Kilimanjaro
I have sought the medicine of the white doctor
To expunge you from me, but
No hope, no help, there you still stand
I have sought the medicine of our witch doctor
To expunge you from me, but
Still no hope, no help, as you stand there still


I have no sought to see your face
Once more, to see if it can kill
This urge to see you again
But there, standing as a river in-between 
Is coronavirus, that killer virus
Closer of doors and borders, divider of homes


Soxna, now that a new year has begun
And hope of seeing you still dim with this virus around
As you come to me in dream today
Please untie me, let wonder away from you
Until we see the end of this virus.




Early Year Rains

The heat had had its way
For long time of drought
Agreed, in hot season, we are
Never had it been this hot

The cloud darkens
Hiding the face of the sun
And gentle winds sail across
Leaving a gentle touch on the face

It began to rain …


You cannot image
This smile on the faces
Of leaves, under the showers
Of this mighty fall of rain

See the little bird nwanza*
Soaring and dancing in the rain, not alone
The fowls, insects and others all
Taking their first bath of the year.

* Is the smallest bird in Igboland where the poet comes from


Night Rain

Night falls in rain
As night became darker than usual
Minutes later it rained, bucketful, everywhere, and
The stars ran too into their homes, for fear
Of flashing lightning, with no control
Across the dark face of night

The thunders too at war, roaring and rolling,
This night, unsafe, of moonlight steps
The moon calls of its shine, we call off our dance
For the ground slippery with mist and fear
The rain ‘d taken off the moonshine, taken off our moonlaughters
Night has fallen in rain, fall in pains.






Another Day of Thanksgiving

The sun appeared majestically 
On my window-pane
With a burning-like silver
Bright, a beauty to behold

The dusk on its way home
Oh the day is past spent

It’s been a great day
Of dreams achieved, delayed and wasted too
I look up
Oh another day of thanksgiving is gone.



About the Poet

Obinna Chilekezi was born at Diobu Port Harcourt, Nigeria on 22nd August 1965. He has written poems that have been published in anthologies like Twenty Nigerian Writers, For Ken For Nigeria, New Voices, etc. His works have also appeared in Rigorous, Better Than The Starbuck, etc. He has three published collections which are: Son Chikeziri too died, rejection and other poems and Songs of a Stranger in the Smiling Coast.

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