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Vol. 5 Issue 2

Febini M Joseph

Entangled Love


Endless days of bloodshed 
Droplets of broken promises 
are withered away........ 
Now I can see your
ears tremble due to 
the alarming sound of war.


Me and you, 
two opposite entities 
Even though our battles are over, 
who gained victory??? 
Is that me or you?

There is no need of confessions.
It's you, the beast who turned as a prince, 
It’s you who ruptured the pathway 
to my dream palace... 
Feathers are falling from my bleeding wings. 
I kept on smiling, because I thought 
Those smiles will revert 
in your haunting palace of deceit. 

But you, the most skilled artisan 
carved modern artistic sculptures 
Using my feathers. 
Only memories are alive now. 
Your broken promises, my broken wings 
Our broken love. 
We are departed....... Right??? 
Yet I’m staring at you, why??? 
Only memories are alive 

I can’t fly now, my tears
drowned your entire kingdom.
Are you searching for any secret 
magic chants which can shield you? 

Release me from the invisible chain... 
I just want to go back to my own territory 
When I'm gone,
you can again search for 'we' 
In the endless chatters or the flipping pages 
of 'google ' you can find me again

When you set me free 
I want to fly through 
the endless horizon.... 
the bloodsheds……. 
But now……. 
I can feel your voice 
That still makes me lost in the woods.







Finger Prints of Rain

I was sitting near the window 
When rain started its journey 
I was in despair singing a melody 
It was about my longing for love 

I thought love is a healing 
I thought love is a healing 
It was yet another sorrow 
That completely changed me 

The finger prints of rain reminded 
Me of my old love story
One story that kindled fire 
One story that killed myself

The fingerprints may be 
Reminders from your side 
Let it Pour 
Let it be




Into my wildest dreams 
That virus entered 
Day by day 
I felt weak and paralyzed 
This is not normal, I mumbled 
But who cares 
That red coloured parasite 
Was my love 
Which was eagerly waiting 
To inhabit another body







Candle Made of Ice

Yesterday, I witnessed a strange scene 
A candle made of ice 
Afraid to melt 
But waiting to be lit 

It was evening and dark 
I was sitting near the church cemetery 
Rotten flowers, rotten kiss 
And I was afraid to see 
This candle was lit 
By a man in a blue hood 
The ice was melting
But the fire looked like
A man who wore a blue hood


About the Poet

Febini M Joseph is an Assistant Professor at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty.

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