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Arthita Mandal







Dear, What are you doing now? 

Look at me, look at your hot coffee 

Your dearest coffee is dry out. 

What can I do? 

My sweet home is now hard and crude. 

I am so hungry and wear away slowly. 

Please remember, 

when I were your black coffee, 

loved me too much. 

Today, everything is black 

We, two blind beggars are begging blood.

The Crow 

I returned from a fairy mount 

One angel kissed me. 

At present, some smell is coming 

And flowers bloom in last train. 

I want to see mountain again and again, 

I want to return kiss 

But The train ruined away. 

Now a crow is flying and everything is meaningless.

About the Poet

Arthita Mandal, teaching in Subarnarekha Mahavidyalay, Pashchim Medinipur, is the Editor-in-chief of a UGC recognised Bengali journal, Kingshuk. She writes poetry, short stories, essays etc. Baishadik, Tomay Uriye Dilam Katha, Jyanto Bhooter Goppo, Ichchepatar Deshe are some of her famous collections. She is pursuing PhD under Vidyasagar University. She may be contacted at

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