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Erothanatos accepts only electronic submissions through e-mail as *.docx file. The authors need to declare with their submission that the attached submission(s) is/are sent nowhere else to be considered for publication in other journals or by other publishing agencies.

The submissions are received throughout the year. However, any contribution submitted after the deadline of some particular issue will be automatically carried forward for the next issue.

Scholarly Article

  • Format: MLA (9th Edition)

  • 2500-5000 words, including notes and references.

  • Heading, Sub-Heading, Chapter Title, and Section may be in Bold Font.

  • Paragraph Alignment may be justified.

Authors are requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

  • Full Title with subtitle, if any.

  • An abstract of the article of about 150 words.

  • Send your article with a letter clearly stating particular volume and issue of the journal.

  • Send a short Bio (250 words) of the writer mentioning institution attached and published books (if any).

  • If any quotation or note is written in some language other than English, please provide the meaning in English in the footnote/ endnote.


Critical/Argumentative/Reflective Article

  • Word-limit: 1000-3000 words

  • The articles should be well relevant to art and literature, literary theory, writer or artist.

  • Send a short Bio (250 wordsof the writer mentioning institution attached and published books (if any).

Book Review

  • Word-limit: 1000-1500 words

  • The reviewed book should be published within two years.

  • Send a short Bio (250 wordsof the reviewer mentioning institution attached and published books (if any).


  • Poets are requested to submit at least 4 (maximum 8) unpublished poems to be considered for each issue.

  • Each poem should begin in separate page with the title in bold and in 12 font size.

  • Do not italicise titles.

  • Main contents should be in  Normal 11 font size. Do not italicise unless necessary.

  • All contributions should be in Times New Roman.

  • At the end (in a separate page) add a short bio (250 wordsof the poet mentioning published books (if any).

  • All poems, including the bio, should be sent through email at as an attachment in a single *.docx file.

  • Erothanatos will publish poems of 10 poets (maximum) in each issue excepting any special issue of poetry.

General Rules

File Types: docx

​Language: English


How to Submit

Please send your article to If you do not get a confirmation reply for the receipt of the article within 3 days, please resend the mail. 


Please mention Vol. no and Issue no and the type of submission (Scholarly Article/ Critical Article/ Poetry) as the subject of the email; i.e. Erothanatos Vol. 5  Issue 1  Scholarly Article.

Submission Fees

Erothanatos accepts no submission fee. While submitting any content for publication the author must not pay any kind of fees.

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