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E-ISSN 2457-0265


Vol. 4 Issue 1

April 2020

From the Editor

Scholarly Articles

Himalaya Jana

A Highway through the Wood: Translation as a Colonial Venture in Nineteenth-Century Bengal

Page: 1-21

Mukul Sk

(Re-)Constructing Charles Dickens in the Light of the Three New Biographies of the Twenty-first Century

Page: 22-33

Suman Pramanik

Alternative Sexuality: A Sensitive Research Guide

Page: 34-39

Vighnesh Hampapura

Diversity in Our Own Terms

Page: 40-56

Reflective Essay

Sharmila Roy

Balconies and Balustrades

Page: 57-59


Mahbuba Sarker Shama

Matigari: A Revolution of the Masses

Page: 60-564


Arshad Khan

Page: 65-65

Danny P. Barbare

Page: 65-68

Gale Acuff

Page: 69-77

Holly Day

Page: 78-82

James Croal Jackson

Page: 83-86

Kavita Shastri

Page: 87-90

Laura Minning

Page: 91-95

Moinak Dutta

Page: 96-97

Piet Nieuwland

Page: 98-102

Stephen Mead

Page: 103-108

William C. Blome

Page: 109-111

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