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E-ISSN 2457-0265
Vol. 8 Issue 1

May 2024

From the Editor


Scholarly Articles

Mahbuba Sarker Shama
Dear Ijeawele: A Marxist Analysis

Nazia Pervin Shefa
Bangladeshi ESL Students’ Attitude Towards Learner Autonomy in Pronunciation Learning  

Shreyashi Banerjee
Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey and Helen Huntingdon: Exploring Women’s Struggles for Economic Emancipation during the Victorian Era


Subrata Biswas
Reversible vs. Irreversible: Pacification of Psycho-Ethical Disorder and Refurbishment of Order in Crime and Punishment

Critical Essay

P C K Prem
Creativity and Its Limits 

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Book Review

Kunal Kumar Halder
Coming Out as Dalit: A Memoir by Yashica Dutt 

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Gerald Carl Cielo 

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P C K Prem

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