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E-ISSN 2457-0265


Vol. 5 Issue 1

From the Editor

Scholarly Articles

Arpita Sardar

Myriad Shades of Love in the Challenging Times of Covid-19 Pandemic

Anindita Sarkar

Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M Forster in the Mirror of Lacanian Psychoanalysis                                                                                            

Jagari Mukherjee

The Unhappy Union of Gender and Marxism: A Study with Reference to Leo Tolstoy's Resurrection

Kunal Kumar Halder

Dissecting Masculinity in the Harry Potter Series and The Hunger Games Trilogy

Namrata Chowdhury

The Culinary Sub-Text in Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘When Mr. Pirzada Comes to Dine’ in Interpreter of Maladies

Pratiti Shirin

Like a Lost Route in a No-Man’s Land: Dilruba Z. Ara’s Journey into the Psyche of the Expatriate

Rocco A. Astore

Deus sive Natura: Asserting the Spinozist View of Substance over that of the Cartesian

Shatarupa Mishra

Tenability of Colonial Moulds in the Posthuman Body:

A Study of the Grotesque in Stevenson vis-à-vis Avant-Garde Cinema


Abdelaziz Bouzain

Anjana Basu

Antara Banerjee

Arshad Khan

Danny P. Barbare

Deeptesh Sen

Gobinda Bhakta

Hoshang Merchant 

KV Raghupathi

Manu Mangattu

Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla

Michael Lee Johnson

P C K Prem

Partha Sarathi

Piet Nieuwland

Sharmila Ray

Sonali Chanda


A Talk with Michael Lee Johnson

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