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Anirban Banerjee

Interpreting the Manifold Intricacies of Time and Memory in Julian Barnes' The Sense of an Ending


memory, falliable, time, psychoanalysis


This paper is an attempt to instigate the intricate estimations that memory brings forth while constructing history and narratives of life, its complexities and paradoxes and manifold extensions which co-exist and blend with the intricate and often perplexing psychodynamics of a character and how memory unties itself throughout the narrative of Barnes' The Sense of an Ending and changes the shape of life and history altogether, thereby pushing the boundaries of identity to an extent where the consequences become replete with despair, distrust and grief. This unravelling of memory and its fallible nature has been the most significant part that has been dealt with a categorical exploration of Kermode’s theory of fiction and disparate modes of psychoanalysis.

About the Author

Anirban Banerjee is an M.Phil. Research Scholar at the Department of English & Culture

Studies, University of Burdwan. He may be contacted at

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