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Tufan Giri

Sricaitanyadev’s Devotion (bhakti) Arousing the Love for the Country: A Philosophical Perspective

bhakti, ostensive, love, ragānuga, sānta, dasya, sakhya, vātsalya, madhur


If awakens our love of country then it is possible to discuss Sricaitanyadev’s theory of devotion or bhakti. The first question that will arise is what devotion or bhakti is. Generally, bhakti refers to the love of God. We know that Sricaitanyadev was a believer in God. On the other hand, devotion also means love of country. Caitanyadev can be called dharmaguru, karmaguru, bhaktiguru, samajguru etc. but Caitanyadev what can be called deshguru? That is, he is the hero of patriotism? He can be easily called a devotee of God. But, his devotion can be easily called the love of country. Discussing this question is the main focus of my article. I will try to solve this problem. Caitanyadev tried to reach the theory of devotion through devotional movement. That is, Sricaitanya’s theory of devotion has awakened devotion to the country. It is necessary to know a little background of the theory of devotion or bhaktitattva. Where ‘why’ cannot be answered there is no philosophy. Now it is necessary to know the previous opinions on devotion, that is, whether devotional thought applies to practical life. The present paper is an attempt at exploring Caitanya’s theory of devotion to the love of country.

About the Author

Tufan Giri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at City College, Kolkata. He is pursuing his PhD at Vidyasagar University.

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