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Denis Režonja

Characteristics of Short Story and Flash Fiction Genre in “Mirrored” and “Give it Up”

Short story, Flash fiction, Franz Kafka, Jennifer Hudak


The paper explores characteristics that define short story and flash fiction, which is also known as microfiction, mini-fiction, short-short story, very short story, sudden fiction, quick fiction, prose poem, etc. Two short-short stories, “Give it Up” by Franz Kafka and “Mirrored” by Jennifer Hudak are analyzed. Through the analysis, it is discussed how well the stories by their characteristics can be placed in the field of microfiction genre or the short story genre, which characteristics of genres prevail, how the stories differ in those characteristics, and whether both stories truly fit the criteria of flash fiction or can they be more defined by short story genre, do they appear as a hybrid or borderline type of the two genres, and which of these stories fits more into the short story genre and which one into flash fiction.

About the Author

Denis Režonja is a student of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Maribor.

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