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E-ISSN 2457-0265


Vol. 3 Issue 1

From the Editor

Scholarly Articles

Anirban Banerjee

Interpreting the Manifold Intricacies of Time and Memory in Julian Barnes' The Sense of an Ending

Page: 1-16

Bouzain Abdelaziz

The Question of Religion and Secularism in Morocco: A Cultural Perspective

Page: 28-42

Arpan Adhikary

To Go beneath the Surface and to Read the Symbol: Negotiations of Modernity in Western Art

Page: 17-27

Khadijatul Kaminy

Julius Caesar: The Essence and Illusion of Democracy

Page: 43-55

Rocco A. Astore

Understanding Leibniz: In Favor of Jaspers’ Interpretation of Leibnizian Metaphysics

over Russell’s Appraisal

Page: 56-64

Safi Ullah

Female Voice against Patriarchal Oppression: A Study on Tree without Roots

Page: 65-78

Sakirul Saikh

Problematization of Naga Resistance: A Discourse of Postcolonial Trauma in Temsula Ao’s

These Hills Called Home: Stories from a War Zone

Page: 79-91

Injamamul Sarwer

Power as an Identity Determining Factor in Robinson Crusoe

Page: 106-113

Udita Banerjee

Interrogating the Representation of Toxic Masculinity in A Death in the Gunj

Page: 92-105


Moinak Dutta

Finding Gandhi

Page: 114-1118


Anindita Bose

Page: 123-126

Colin James

Page: 127-130

Con Chapman

Page: 131-132

David Bankson

Page: 133-137

Glen Amstrong

Page: 138-140

Lynn White

Page: 141-142

Masud Bora

Page: 143-144

Scott Thomas Outlar

Page: 145-148

Pratiti Shirin

Ali Smith’s Autumn: A Tale of Human Compassion

Page: 119-122

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